Levenger Blazing Sunset Review

Levenger Blazing Sunset Review


Levenger Blazing Sunset Review
The top of the cap
Manufacturer: Levenger
Color: Orange
MSRP: $12
Actual Price: $12, but often on sale for $10
Amount of Ink: 50mL
Cost per mL: 24¢
Bottle: Glass with an included inkwell for easier filling
Where to Buy: Only available directly from Levenger

Levenger Blazing Sunset Review

At a Glance

Sheen: None
Shading: Slight
Water Resistance: None
Feathering: Average
Bleed through:  High
Show through/ Ghosting: Average
Drying Time: High
Wetness: High
Lubrication: High
Staining: None
Saturation: Average
Cleaning: Average
Okay on Copy Paper?: Yes, but there is significant bleed through


Levenger Blazing Sunset Review
The inkwell inside the bottle
Levenger, a U.S.-based stationery retailer, produces a line of fountain pen inks and often removes or adds to that line. In late 2013, they released three new inks, one of which was Blazing Sunset.

Levenger's Blazing Sunset is a vibrant true-orange which is one of my favorites. In contrast to other oranges such as Noodler's Habanero or Apache Sunset, this one has few traces of yellow and barely any shading - a quality which I like for note taking. Unfortunately, water- resistance is entirely nonexistent: after a few minutes, there was no trace of the ink's former presence.

One of my favorite aspects of all of Levenger's inks is the bottle. Inside is an inkwell to make filling easy even with only a few mL left. It's also deep enough that filling pens with large #8 or #9 nibs is still possible.

Overall, this is a well-presented, vibrant ink which I highly recommend.

Writing Samples

Note: Brackets indicate that there was significant bleed through or ghosting.

Extended Soak Test

Of all the inks I've tested so far, this one has the least water-resistance. It's oddly satisfying to find a blank sheet of paper after less than 30 minutes submersed in water. This would be bothersome in a practical black ink, but it's fine here because I don't often write important notes in orange.





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