J. Herbin Rouge Opera Review

J. Herbin Rouge Opera Review


Manufacturer: J. Herbin
Alternate Name(s): Opera Red
Color: Pink
MSRP: $5
Actual Price: $4-$5
Price I paid: 3 Euros
Amount of Ink: 10mL
Cost per ml: 50¢
Bottle: Small glass bottle; difficult to fill from
Where to BuyJetPens and Bureau Direct in the 10mL bottle; Anderson PensBureau Direct, Jet PensGoulet Pens, and Cult Pens in the 30mL bottle; Bureau Direct also sells it in a heart-shaped bottle.

At a Glance

J. Herbin Rouge Opera ReviewSheen: None
Shading: Good
Water Resistance: None
Feathering: Average
Bleed through: Average
Show through/ Ghosting: Minimal
Drying Time: Long (Up to 45s on Rhodia)
Wetness: High
Lubrication: Well-lubricated
Staining: None
Saturation: Low
Cleaning: Easily flushed from a pen due to its low saturation
Okay on Copier Paper?: No


J. Herbin Rouge Opera is a pink with low saturation and some shading. It behaves fairly well, but I have one main grievance which prevents me from using it: in most pens it's an inconsistent, extremely light pink which I strongly dislike. Another issue  with this ink is its water resistance, or lack thereof. As you can see in the water resistance tests, it dissolves completely within a few minutes. Yet another grumble I have with it is that its drying times are exceptionally long- up to 45 seconds on Rhodia. For these reasons, I cannot recommend Rouge Opera, but I do recommend several other pink inks such as Pelikan Edelstein Turmaline, Diamine Cerise, Diamine Claret, and Noodler's Tchaikovsky.

Writing Samples

Main Pen- Pilot Vanishing Point Medium
Pen 2- Visconti Rembandt Fine
Pen 3- Sailor 1911S Extra-Fine
Links lead to reviews of each pen.

J. Herbin Rouge Opera Writing Sample

J. Herbin Rouge Opera Writing Sample

Extended Soak Test

Duration- 1 hour

J. Herbin Rouge Opera Water Resistance
J. Herbin Rouge Opera Water Resistance


J. Herbin Rouge Opera Water Resistance
J. Herbin Rouge Opera Water Resistance

J. Herbin Rouge Opera ComparisonJ. Herbin Rouge Opera Water Resistance 



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