Levenger Cocoa Mini Review


This is the fifth review in my series on Levenger inks and my first mini review. This mini review will have only one writing sample instead of the usual three, and my thoughts on the ink will be written, not typed. When I come back from Europe in late July, I will be sure to revisit Cocoa for a full, in-depth review.

I was in no way compensated for this review, and this review contains my honest opinions about the ink.


Color: Brown
MSRP: $12
Actual Price: $12
Price I paid: I bought this as part of the Levenger Ink Sampler for $12 while it was on sale.
Amount of Ink: 50 ml
Cost per ml: 24¢/ml at $12
Bottle: Glass; It includes a reservoir 
Where to Buy: All of Levenger's inks are exclusive to their website.*
 * All prices are the prices at the time of this review's writing on July 12, 2014 


Sheen: None
Shading: Excellent
Water Resistance: Interestingly changes to red
Feathering:High; Although I haven't used this ink on copier paper yet, it feathers on Black n' Red paper.
Drying Time: Extremely long; not a good ink for sinistral writers
Wetness: Average
Lubrication:  Well lubricated
Staining: I haven't noticed any staining.
Cleaning: The ink cleans out of a pen easily
Nib Creep: None

Writing Sample

Pen: Visconti Rembrandt Fine
Paper: Black n'Red Notebook


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