Waterman Serenity (Florida) Blue Review

Waterman Serenity Blue Review
The ink with my Parker 45


Manufacturer: Waterman
Waterman Serenity Blue Review
The bottle resting on its angled side.
Color: Blue
MSRP: $10
Actual Price: $7-$12
Price I paid: $10 from my local store
Amount of Ink: 50 ml
Cost per ml: 20 ¢/ml at $10
Bottle: Glass; The sides are shaped so that the bottle will be at a 45-degree angle when on its side.
Where to Buy: Amazon ($10.40), Jet Pens ($8.64), Goulet Pens ($10.40), The Writing Desk in the UK (£4.99), and La Couronne du Comte (€ 6,75)
 * All prices are the prices at the time of this review's writing on June 17, 2014. 


Bottle: A glass bottle with an angled bottom to make it easy to fill even with a very small amount of ink left
Waterman Serenity Blue Review
Filling a Parker 45
Sheen: A slight red sheen
Shading: Very minimal
Water Resistance: Not at all
Feathering: Very minimal
Bleed through: Very minimal
Show through/ Ghosting: Low
Wetness: Fairly wet but not too wet for cheap paper
Lubrication:  Well lubricated
Staining: None whatsoever
Cleaning: The ink cleans out of a pen very easily.
Safe for Vintage Pens?: Yes, I use this ink in my Parker 45 with the original squeeze converter.
Waterman Serenity Blue Review

Okay on Copier Paper?: Great for everyday use 

Writing Sample:

Pen: Parker 45 Fine nib
Paper: Black 'n' red notebook
Paper 2: Copier Paper
Waterman Serenity Blue Review
Writing Sample on Black 'n' Red paper- Front

Waterman Serenity Blue Review
Writing Sample on Black 'n' Red paper- Back
Waterman Serenity Blue Review
Writing Sample on Copier paper- Front

Waterman Serenity Blue Review
Writing Sample on Copier paper- Back

Overall: 38/45- A great ink for low-quality paper



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